This site is for the owners and residents of 144 High Street, North Sydney NSW, Australia. Known as Rockcliff Mansions it sits on the edge of Sydney Harbour, between Kirribilli and Neutral Bay.


What's our

Rockcliff Mansions was built in the 1920's to the design of Stuart Mill Mould of Esplin and Mould Architects, this was one of the most modern and well-appointed flats building in it's day....read more


Our beautiful

High-St-LiftThe lift. It's old yes but after a recent major overall is functioning well.

If there is a problem or you (or someone else) become stuck in the lift immediately call the service number - 1300-725-290 quoting strata plan #9768. This number is also on a plaque inside the lift.


Take out the

Gargage collection is Wednesdays
There are 2 recycle bins (yellow & blue lids)
For paper, cardboard, glass & plastic bottles (please do not put any plastic bags in this bin)

There are 3 rubbish bins (green & red lids)
For general household rubbish (non-recyclable rubbish)

Please ensure all rubbish is put in a bin. If it doesn’t fit in a bin it cannot be left in the bin area and you will need to organise alternative arrangements. North Sydney Council have advised they will not take anything not in a bin.

Cardboard boxes need to be flattened and put in the recycle bins (please do not put them in whole as they take up too much room.

North Sydney Council have free household waste pickups. For more information and to book please click here


Keep us all
Fire Safe

Rockcliff-MansionsFiresafe Maintenance has the contract for maintenance and they do a yearly check. If you have any concerns or your fire alarm is not working please refer to Fazeley who is the in-house liaison for this.

Something as simple as the toaster burning the toast can set off the alarm, and unfortunately if the firemen come and there is no fire we are billed nearly $1000 each time! So please, please take care in the kitchen and never leave your cooking unattended.


Meet the


Unit 1: Phil

Unit 2: Lyn

Unit 3: Tammy

Unit 4: Jane

Unit 5: Mark

Unit 6: 

Unit 7: Tom & Emma

Unit 8: Adrienne

Unit 9: 

Unit 10: Shane & Maggie

Unit 11: Fazeley & Raymond

Unit 12: Marian


Use the Common

106361223ll1267419229We are so lucky to have a huge terrace complete with outdoor furniture (table and chairs, and umbrellas) that came be used by everyone. The large BBQ is owned by Tom and Emma, they are happy to share! please just ask first. If you use this area please make sure you clean up after, put all the chairs back, umbrellas down and away, sweep and/or hose down if needed. Please remember that the units on the road-side look down onto this area and so it needs to always look good.

If you add your pot plants to the area please be aware it's your job to keep them watered and weeded. These plants are not maintained by the gardener.


Cleaning &

images 2Our cleaner and maintenance man Charbel comes every Wednesday. In March 2016 Tammy meet with him (and his wife Rhonda) and agreed to a new schedule of jobs on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

You can download the current schedule here

For any issues or requests please refer to Tammy who is the in-house liaison for this.


The Laundry &

The noise from the laundry can be annoying to the ground floor units, and also for the units above. Please do not use the laundry before 8am and after 10pm at night. Please always turn off the laundry light when you leave and make sure the laundry door is closed.

There are 3 clotheslines, please consider other users and take a section of the line only (not spreading your washing over the entire line and leaving rows not used).

Our Community

Once a gasworks providing gas for street lights, homes and businesses on the North Shore of Sydney.

In 1942 the site was resumed by the Commonwealth Government and became a torpedo manufacturing and maintenance factory as well as a service facility for the naval vessels of the Pacific Fleet. In 1967 the site was commissioned as the base for the Royal Australian Navy’s Oberon Class submarines and was named HMAS Platypus.

The submarine base was closed in 1998, and Management was transferred to the Harbour Trust in 2005....read more


Quick links & Contacts

Emergency – ring 000
State Emergency – flood & storm assist – ring 132500
North Sydney Police Station – ring 9956 3199
North Shore Hospital Emergency – ring 9926 7111
North Sydney Council – ring 9936 8100 | website
Parking permitwebsite
Greenwood Plazawebsite
North Sydney marketswebsite


Our Strata

Strata Plan #9768
Real Property Services
Strata Management
Catherine Sparkes
Phone: 9960 4713
Suite 1, 257 Military Road, Cremorne


We love our

Flying Bear cafe – Sydney Flying Squadron, Careening Cove, Milsons Point – amazing views, wonderful friendly service…website
Thelma & Louise – on Neutral Bay Wharf – get the ferry! amazing views, great coffee, yummy food…website


We love our

La Capannina – in Bradfield Park Kirribilli – modern atmosphere with authentic Italian cuisine & Harbour Bridge views…website


Need to go

Opalcard – buy or top-up…website
North Sydney Ferry – download timetable…website
Transport NSW – search and plan trips…website
Tripview is a great App for your phone. It displays all Sydney public transport timetable data, and features a summary view showing your next services, as well as a full timetable viewer. All timetable data is stored on your phone, so it can be used offline. Go to the App Store or Google Play.


Need help?
Fnd a Tradie

Plumber - Hillier Plumbing - 0411719349
Electrician - F J Lambert & Co - 99139322 | 0408228218
hipages is a mobile app that has tradies for hire. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

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This website is for the owners & residents of 144 High Street North Sydney.
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